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The island of Noirmoutier

Noirmoutier is a splendid visitor friendly island which lies off the coast at Beauvoir-sur-Mer, on the other side of the Passage du Gois. However, this passage is only open with low tide so in 1971, a bridge was built at Fromentine, so that it is now also possible at high tide to reach the island by car.


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The history of the island of Noirmoutier

The island Noirmoutier has a rich history of wars and occupants. In the 9th century the Vikings and Normans tried to conquer the island. The English have conquered the island three times in the 14th century. The Spaniards ruled the island in the 16th century. In the 17th century the Dutch admiral Tromp has also conquered the island. As from the 14th centuries, the island developed into a smugglers paradise. In the 17th century the island lived almost complete on smuggling tobacco from the new world.

What to discover on the island of Noirmoutier

The island lives nowadays mainly on tourism, with its splendid hiking tours, and its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions (amongst others a butterfly garden and wild water aqua park). The famous Noirmoutier salt is harvested from the many salt pans on the island. The many blue and white house give the island a Greek atmosphere. The best place to see this is the town of “Noirmoutier-en-île”. In early spring the complete island is yellow of the mimosa and smells deliciously. This can sometimes be as early as February in an exceptionally mild winter. The island’s fertile reclaimed land produces the acclaimed “Pommes de Terre de Noirmoutier” (delicious new potatoes). With its splendid pine-forests and outer marshes to walk in and its summery lively ambiance in the small villages on the island, it is an island which is worth a visit in every season of the year.


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